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Our Hearts Are Heavy – Kristofer Lindh-Payne

This has been a painful couple weeks for Baltimore, and I imagine that – like me – many of your hearts are feeling quite heavy these days. I know that many of you are praying and exploring ways to help bring healing, justice and peace to a terribly painful situation fraught with complexity. Amidst the […]

Wonder Weeks – Kelly Riolo, Ph.D.

Parenting Science: The Wonder Weeks — This theory is based on the idea that development occurs in a series of predictable “leaps” in which an infant’s understanding of the world is changed. The leaps are described as fussy periods and the book provides an explanation of what your baby may be experiencing during each […]

How Bottles Saved Breasfeeding – Kelly Riolo, Ph.D.

When I was pregnant, I knew I wanted was going to breastfeed. It wasn’t even an option. It’s what’s recommended by the CDC, AAP, and WHO. It’s natural. It’s the best. It was going to be easy. Except it wasn’t. Breastfeeding a newborn has been the most draining and exhausting parenting task I’ve faced so […]

Baby Language – Kelly Riolo, Ph.D.

Parenting Science: Dunston’s Baby Language The premise behind this theory is that there are specific universal vocal reflexes that account for five different cries made by newborns. Dunstan describes these sounds as pre-cry language and claims she has a photographic memory which allowed her to identify and decode these sounds. According to Dunstan, the five […]

Mourning the Birth Plan – Kelly Riolo, Ph.D.

When I was pregnant, I did all the “right” things to prepare for delivery. I read the books, went to childbirth class held by the hospital, discussed my preferences with my doctor, I hired a doula to help make sure I could have the labor experience I had hoped and prepared for. My birth plan […]

Mary’s Sabbatical Blog Post #4

September 20, 2014 When last I wrote we were preparing to leave the beautiful island of Iona. The next day, (August 9) we took the Iona ferry over to the island of Mull to spend the night there in order to catch the early morning ferry to the mainland of Scotland to allow time for […]