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Your presence here has changed the tenor of the day by The Rev. Amy Slaughter Myers

Dressed in clericals and wearing stoles, the clergy of Epiphany stood by signs reading Prayers for Healing Our Divisions at Epiphany’s neighborhood polling place on Election Day. We greeted those coming and going from the polls. Unlike those who were electioneering who were encouraging votes for their candidates, we didn’t call out any specific offer […]


There are many ways to think about the relationship of our worship on Sunday mornings to our ministries and work in the world.  On Sunday, September 18, we invited you to reflect on that as members of each of our Action Teams took on liturgical roles related to their mission. Our Action Teams make possible […]

I became an Episcopalian because of Islamophobia – the Rev. Kristofer Lindh-Payne

I became an Episcopalian because of Islamophobia. Yes, you read that correctly. I became an Episcopalian because of Islamophobia. In the days and weeks after the September 11th attacks, we saw example after example of Muslim individuals violated and their places of worship desecrated. Remember? As our nation closed its eyes in grief, misguided people […]