Adult Formation

Adult Formation

What is adult formation?

At Epiphany, people engage with the community in ways that continuously stretch their limits and expand their understanding of God, spirituality, what it means to be a Christian in the world, and more. “Formation” is a word used as shorthand for that – so adult formation encompasses any activity that continues to shape, guide, direct, and form people in adulthood.

Can formation and volunteering be the same thing?

The short answer? Yes! 

So, let’s get to it: Adult formation at Epiphany

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what interests you?

From weekly Community Dinner to Book & Bible Study to Homework Club Mentoring, there are lots of opportunities to live out Epiphany’s mission of loving God, loving our neighbor, and changing the world. This list, while accurate and robust, is not completely exhaustive of the many ways people at Epiphany engage to make community together. New ideas are shared and implemented quite often, and make for a dynamic community empowered and eager to follow God’s call in this world. If you have questions, comments, or are feeling ready to get involved, contact us!