Do Not Be Drawn Into the Fear

Do Not Be Drawn Into the Fear

Jesus and his disciples are crossing the Sea of Galilee, going to be with those on the other side. Jesus and his disciples are going to heal, pray, teach, be present to, listen to those on the other side.

Our first duty as Christians is to love God and neighbor. To do both, we each must cross lines that place us on differing sides – sides of what exactly? Sides of culture, country, politics, church, family…All of us belong to God. There are no borders between humanity. And yet we create them, we manufacture them. What “sides” are you on or off? What would it cost you to cross to the other side?

As Jesus and the disciples make the journey, a storm rises up and threatens to capsize their boat. Jesus is sleeping while the disciples get ever more fearful. They wake him and he seems to quiet the storm. He asks them,” Why are you afraid? Have you still no faith?”

Do the disciples lose their faith because of the storm? Or do they lose their faith because their fear overcomes them?

It’s risky to cross to the other side. Storms will come. The peace of God passes all understanding – Jesus is at peace in the storm and he stills the storm. God’s power of peace is greater than any storm, greater than any earthly power and is available and accessible to each of us – right now. The power of God is peace. Justice. Reconciliation. Love. How does fear get in the way of your experience of God’s peace?


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