Giving in Grace Bible Study Series 2

The weekly bible study series continues this week online or in person on Sunday, November 5th from 9-9:45am in the common room (dates to follow include Nov 12th & 19th).

Follow this link for a video discussion of the passage and its relevance to our lives today.

The gift of God’s grace is the focus of our congregational conversation this week and is centered on Romans 3:21-24. In this passage from Romans, the Apostle Paul sets out the cornerstone of God’s great love for us. That cornerstone is Christ and God’s rich, abundant, and free gifts of grace in Jesus Christ. As Paul tells us, each of us are sinful and in need of God’s life giving grace. Through faith we receive the greatest gift we could ever receive, God’s grace. It is this grace, in and through Christ, that brings us forgiveness and life.

Grace lies at the foundation of God’s relationship with us and informs how we are to live as God’s people each day. Stewardship is our faithful, joyful, and thankful response as we delight in this rich gift of God’s grace.

Where have you seen and how have you experienced the gift of God’s grace this past week?

In what ways have you shared God’s grace this past week?