Posts from March 2017

Week 4: Sabbath as Belonging

The Hebrew Scriptures, the Gospels, and the Epistles- basically, the entirety of the Scriptural tradition- are each full of stories of what it means to belong. The story of the Israelites that we’ve been following these last few weeks in our community exploration of Sabbath, is a journey marked by a disparate people becoming God’s […]

Week 3: Sabbath and Memory

We likely all remember the major highlights of the Exodus story. The Israelites follow Moses, trusting (sometimes) God. They have moments of anxiety and fear. They create Golden gods and they bicker. And yet, God’s covenant is renewed and eventually, after 40 years, they make it to the Promised Land. But right before they enter, […]

Week 2: Sabbath as Rest from Anxiety

In last week’s Sabbath reflection, we noted that Sabbath, as a guiding principle, is rooted in the creation narrative- on the seventh day, God rested. But God did more than to simply rest from action, from creative energy. God rested from anxiety about that work as well. On the seventh day, God did not show […]