Journeying from the Day of the Dead into Resurrection and New Life

Whether you realize it or not, we’ve arrived today on the other side of a three-day journey of celebration and reflection through All Hallows’ Eve, All Saints’ Day, and All Souls’ Day. If you find yourself curious about these traditions in the Episcopal Church, here is a fun and informative resource.

These days of remembrance invite us to recognize and give thanks for all those who’ve gone before us. In contemplating loss and the lessons learned from those who’ve died, we are drawn more deeply into the present in a solemn awareness of the fragility of human life and the precious gift we have been given in today. In this act of commemoration we are also given the power to draw into our being all of the faith, courage, and wisdom of those who have gone before us, and harness that power to propel us forward in the beautiful process of becoming the church for the future. In these three movements – honoring the past, practicing the present, and envisioning the future – we are becoming the church that God calls us to be right now. To Love God, Love our Neighbor, and Change the World is, after all, our rallying cry. As we continue to change the world, we are being changed.  When we fully engage the opportunity, this change has the potential to bring us all closer to God and to one another.

This coming Sunday, we honor the past, as Epiphany gathers for All Saints’ Day to pray by name for all we have loved and lost in the past year. This glorious service will include the choir’s offering of the Schubert Mass in G with a chamber string orchestra. We will be joined by a videographer that is helping us chronicle our story with a special focus on our theme for the year: Come and See the Difference Love Makes. He and I will be doing short interviews before and after the service with anyone who would like to share their story.

In the present, we have a unique opportunity to use TouchPoint, a database and mobile app available to everyone at Epiphany who is interested in using it.  This TouchPoint tool was created by churches for churches and when engaged it offers us a plethora of ways to connect with one another more easily replacing our current ministry management system – Servant Keeper – that’s more expensive and less accessible for everyone to use.

For our future, we need everyone’s support for Epiphany’s only fundraiser for the year on November 12th.  As a community, we set the goal to raise $25,000.  We will accomplish that feat with your help. There are ways for everyone to contribute:

  • Buy your tickets now ($60 with reduced price available upon request)
  • Invite your friends and family to attend and share the event widely on social media
  • Consider making a financial contribution to the event
  • Volunteer your time for the fundraiser

Come be part of the fun at this Epiphany party with delicious food from Pappas Restaurant! Some of the many great offerings:  (1) Each ticket purchased will be entered to win a surprise item valued at over $2000 from our sponsor Homefix Custom Remodeling (when we reach our goal of selling 125 tickets). (2) A week’s lodging (sleeps four) at a resort in St. Maarten  (3) Diana Woltereck will be there to sign and sell her latest children’s book. And there is so much more! For more information and to get involved, contact Cathy Siperko at

As you can see, there are many ways for you to engage in the work that God is calling us to at Epiphany.

May we journey together from this Day of the Dead into resurrection and new life.

Come and see the difference love makes. Come and be the difference love makes. 




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