It’s Getting Better All the Time – Kelly Riolo, Ph.D.

Baby smiles make it all worthwhile.
Baby smiles make it all worthwhile.
getting better 2
Having fun after work
getting better 3 (1)
Sleeping while the baby sleeps in the first few weeks


The days are long, but the years are short

This too shall pass

Bedtime always comes

Someday, there will be a last time so embrace this time

These were some of my mantras for the first few weeks home with Ashton. I understood (intellectually) that it was going to be a difficult adjustment to have a newborn, but I couldn’t truly understand it emotionally until we were in the thick of it all. Those first few weeks were *hard.* In the first few weeks, you still remember what life was like before your child was born. It was so much easier to pick up and go, eat meals with two hands, sleep in if you wanted to.

In the first few weeks, a newborn is so utterly dependent that it is amazing and exhausting at the same time. Seasoned parents tell you it gets better quickly, but it’s difficult to imagine what that will look like and when that day will finally come. Will you wake up one morning, startled by a full night’s sleep? Will you stop being able to imagine what your life was like before the baby? Will you suddenly feel like you have it all under control?

As I write this, Ashton is three months old and I feel like we’ve emerged from the haze of the first few weeks. I can’t pinpoint an exact time when that happened, but I know it feels different now. I look at his face and feel such an intense and deep love for him. I miss him terribly when I’m at work or even when he’s napping in his crib. I don’t feel nervous about how we’re going to spend a whole day together. I don’t wish I had someone to hand him off to so I could get a break. I can’t imagine spending a night away from him (at least not right now). Add me to the group of moms who can honestly say “it gets so much better.”

When you’re living in those first few weeks, it’s so important to find support. It takes a village and the sooner you start to find yours, the faster you’ll feel like it gets better.

  • Epiphany church community
  • Hospital support groups: GBMC and Mercy both have breastfeeding/general support groups. I went to the one at GBMC while I was on leave and loved it.
  • Local online groups: Mobtown Mommies on facebook – request to join to connect with Baltimore moms, has lots of “special interest” forums
  • The Longest Shortest Time podcasts – other new parents post about their experiences, they also have a facebook group to connect with new parents